Eric Burris weight loss

Weight loss has become a normal phenomenon where overweight people tend to use either dieting and exercise or gastric bypass surgery to achieve the same results. The like of Emma Hunton, Chrishell Stause and others, all decided to loose weight and enhanced their body. In this article, Eric Burris weight loss and how he achieved it will be discussed.


Who is Eric Burris ?

Eric Burris is a meteorologist for WESH 2. He was born in Florida and has lived most of life in his hometown. Eric began reporting on the weather professionally at the Orlando TV station while he was still going to high school.

During his high school days, he was so interested in Meteorology that his curiosity about the subject led Seminole County Public Schools to create an internship program that allowed him to get credit.


After graduation, Eric started some behind-the-camera work and helped in covering various hurricanes. This work helped him in preparing himself to be in front of the camera work.

After completing some freelance work and filling in for WESH 2, he was offered a permanent position with the weather forecast team at WESH 2 as full time.

Eric Burris Weight Loss

Eric Burris is a meteorologist who has undergone dramatic weight loss and body transformation. Eric has always been overweight since his young age. He weighed around 300 lbs. He was so overweight that some necessary routine tasks like bathing, playing, etc became chores.

Eric Burris weight loss journey started in 2020. He decided to make a change for his health and transform his body. He consulted with doctors about his health & weight and recommendations like diet plan, routine workouts and Gastric Bypass Surgery were made.

Eric Burris weight loss
Eric Burris weight loss

What diet plan is Eric Burris on?

Eric was on diet to reduce his size. According to him, he eats smaller and more frequent meals. He also prioritizes protein in his meals. Going by the diet plan ,he was told by his doctor that the weight loss would be impossible without treatment because of his health condition. Therefore a surgery was his next option.

Eric Burris’ Gastric Bypass Surgery

Eric’s routine of simple dieting and exercise wouldn’t help him in weight loss. Due to his inability to lose weight, Eric finally decided to consult the doctor for weight loss. His doctor found out that the dieting and exercise wasn’t working for Eric. He was going to go diabetic very badly if he doesn’t figure out how to correct this health issue. He was having issues with his pancreas and insulin production.

Due to such issues, the doctor told Eric Burris that his weight loss would be impossible without treatment.
Eric Burris underwent Gastric Bypass Surgery that involves creating a small pouch from the stomach and connecting the newly created pouch directly to the small intestine.


After that Eric was in recovery for four weeks. And when asked about his experience and his weight loss journey and his great body transformation.


Weight loss is a normal thing to do if you think that it’ll become a problem to you in the future. Eric’s weight loss can be a source of encouragement to any overweight person who wants to loss weight. According to Eric, he feels way better and has more energy than before.

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