Lip Neutralization

Do you know how to conceal dark lips permanently? People often have dark spots on their lips due to trauma, smoking, or other circumstances. Lipstick makes it easy to conceal, but some people don’t like to wear it or feel insecure when they do. Lip neutralization can probably be a way to conceal a dark lip. Let’s take a look at the topic and see the amazing results of dark lip enlightenment.


What is Lip Neutralization ?

Lip neutralisation is a specialised treatment for those with cool, or dark-toned, lips.  It is a process that is frequently carried out on customers with darker skin tones. It’s also for those whose lips have grown darker over time as a result of the weather, hyperpigmentation, or underlying medical disorders. 

Lip neutralization
Lip neutralization before and after

To balance out darker tones and enhance the natural lip color, shape, and symmetry, neutralizing ink pigments are injected into the lip area. To achieve results that look natural, the procedure produces a subtle, as opposed to saturated, impression. While injectables (lip fillers) are excellent for permanently enhancing the lip area’s volume, lip neutralization is ideal for enhancing definition and fullness.

Benefits of lip neutralization 

Lip neutralisation has many benefits for those who decide to take the plunge. Most obviously, Lip Neutralization gives you:

  • Lighter, more even lip color
  • Subtly enhancement of the natural pink or peach color tone of the lips
  • Warm color tone
  • Lip shape correction
  • Perfect lips for 1.5-2 years

Additional Benefits

  • Enjoy a subtle, natural, and even color.
  • Save time during your morning makeup routine. 
  • Smudged lipstick is a thing of the past. Enjoy perfect lip color and definition while at the pool, sauna, gym, and on the beach. 
  • No more reapplying lipstick throughout the day – the perfect shape and color is already yours. 
  • To enhance your look we recommend a simple lip gloss. Extra lip color can be added for an enhanced dramatic effect. 
  • It creates lighter, pinker-looking lips, meaning the amount of time spent applying lipstick, lipliner and lip-gloss to the area is significantly reduced.
  • The treatment can also boost pigmentation in dark or ageing lips, enhance lip symmetry and colour-correct scarring.
  • It is also a brilliant technique for creating fuller-looking lips without the use of injectables or surgery.

Lip neutralization procedure 

Lip neutralization is frequently divided into 2-4 sessions because it can be a difficult technique that should only be carried out by trained personnel. Below are the specifics of each session.


Consultation is key in this process. A customer should never skip their initial consultation with the practitioner of their choice. This makes it possible for both parties to fully comprehend what the client wants to get out of the treatment. Additionally, it gives the practitioner a chance to detail how the process works and what the client can anticipate from the entire course.



In order to address the chilly tones in the lips during the first session, a neutralizing pigment is injected into the area. Orange-based pigment is utilized to offset purple tones whereas yellow ink is used to balance blue hues.


In contrast to the lip blushing procedure, lip neutralization may require 1-3 sessions to produce the desired results. A minimum of six weeks must pass between each session, and the practitioner should modify their technique to suit each client’s needs.

Lip neutralization
Lip neutralization before and after


The customer can then choose to receive a lip blush treatment after the lips have been neutralized and lightened a few shades. In order to produce a bigger, pinker-looking pout, they can choose a certain color to inject into the lip area.


Lip neutralization aftercare

After your lip neutralization operation, it’s crucial to follow your technician’s advice.

  • The lip area may feel a little sore and swollen for the first few of days following your operation. But this should pass in a couple of days. 
  • You might wish to apply an ice pack for ten to fifteen minutes at a time for the first four to eight hours after your treatment to lessen any swelling and discomfort.
  • Avoid picking, scratching, or rubbing the treated area if scabs start to emerge. To relieve discomfort or irritation, apply certain balms or lotions. 
  • To choose the best course of action, however, always consult your specialist. 
  • For at least seven days after treatment, refrain from using soap, washing products, or cosmetics on the afflicted region.

Side effects of lip neutralization 

A lip neutralization operation carries the same risk of infection or adverse reaction as any permanent or semi-permanent therapy. 

  • Uneven application and bad outcomes might also be caused by poor technique. This is why picking a certified technician with a lot of experience who only uses sterile tools is crucial. 
  • The majority of lip neutralization adverse effects are minor. A certain amount of swelling and increased redness will be felt by the majority of patients. 
  • Bruising in the vicinity is possible for some clients, though it’s less frequent.

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