Sonya Miller Net Worth

Sonya Miller also known as Rapper Sonya C, hails from Richmond. She is a producer and director. Her financial background has been a question for the last few years. How much is Sonya Miller net worth. This article will explore everything about Sonya Miller and her net worth.

Who is Sonya Miller ?

Sonya Miller is one of the top female rappers ever to grace the shores of the United States of America. Sonya Miller was born in the United States in 1970, making her age about 52 as at 2022. American-born Sonya is most known as the ex-wife of Master P, a well-known actor, singer, and businesswoman.

Sonya Miller Net Worth
Sonya Miller

Sonya released her debut album, Married To The Mob, in 1993 as she started a rapping career. She collaborated with Master P on several of his 90s albums, including vocals and presentations.

Sonya Miller net worth

Sonya Miller’s net worth Sonya C has been an integral part of Master P’S life. She has amassed millions in his music career. According to various sources, Sonya Miller has an estimated net worth of over $1 million from her career in music.

She hasn’t revealed anything about her personal property, such as homes or vehicles. However, given her track record of responsibility, she undoubtedly has the means to support herself and her family. From her ex-husband, it’s believed that she has a net worth of $30 million. She was reportedly earned from her now-ex-support, husband’s including their divorce settlement.

She is hardworking and undoubtedly able to maintain herself and her family financially. Her ex-husband, Master P, has a net worth of $360 million, on the other hand.

Sonya Miller Social Life

Being in the entertainment industry, Sonya is accustomed to being active on social media platforms like Instagram. Sonya has over 3,000 followers. She frequently posts pictures from her personal life on social media to give her followers a closer peek at what goes on behind closed doors. She uses her social media to interact with her fans and to advertise her brand. Thank God for today, I got to spend it with my dad, family, and my little champs, she writes in one of her most recent postings, which also contains a photo of her and her father. She has also published a number of pictures of herself having a good time at the beach, which her followers appear to have enjoyed because they afterwards praised her appearance.

Sonya and Master P’s Divorce

The couple got hitched for the first time in 1989 and were wed for over 20 years. However, the couple gained notoriety in 2013 when Sonya C requested a divorce, sparking a reportedly acrimonious argument over financial resources.
As an estranged wife, Sonya Miller reportedly demanded a $67 million separation payment at the time, claiming she was entitled to a share of the rapper’s fortune.
According to Master P, Sonya Miller’s alleged drug and alcohol abuse was a contributing factor in the breakdown of the couple’s relationship. According to sources, Master P thought it was hurting their children.

Sonya and Master P’s relationship now

Sonya and Master P were married for 24 years before filing for divorce in 2013. They tied the knot in 1989, and over the years, people admired the couple as they were one of the longest in the music industry, where relationships don’t last. How many children does Master P have with his ex-wife? Master P and Sonya had seven children during their 24-year marriage. However, the Burbons and Lacs rapper has nine children, two of whom he doesn’t share with Sonya C.

Sonya Miller’s kids include Romeo Miller, the firstborn born in 1989. Vercy Miller, also known as Young V, is Sonya’s second child and was born in 1991. Her other children include Tytyana Miller (1992), Inty Miller (1993), Itali Miller (1999), Hercy Miller (2002) and Mercy Miller (2005).

How much did Master P pay his wife?

Master P’s divorce from Sonya was ugly as they aired their dirty linen in public. They had public contention over financial assets. Sonya’s claims in the divorce filing stated that she wanted monetary compensation for helping the rapper accumulate his $200 million fortune with his record label. She sued him for 40% of physical community assets like cars and homes. And it doesn’t stop there. The ex-couple’s eldest son found himself on the receiving end after his mother sued him, alleging he was a pawn in his father’s asset-hiding scheme.

At some point, a judge ordered Master P to pay Sonya over $825,000, his entire salary for the second season of his show Master P’s Family Empire. The amount was meant to cover child and spousal support payments and secure future support. The judge also directed Master P to pay $15,000 to Sonya’s lawyer.

They finalized their divorce in 2022 after Master P submitted documents in court requesting a judge to declare him legally single. This happened weeks after their daughter’s death. He became lawfully single on May 19, 2022.

Sonya Miller Ex-Husband

Percy Robert Miller, often known as Master P, is a well-known businessman, actor, philanthropist, rapper, and former basketball player. He was born on April 29, 1970. He spent his formative years in New Orleans, where he attended Booker T. Washington High School as well as Warren Easton High School. After graduating from high school, he received an athletic scholarship to the University of Houston. But he changed schools and majored in business administration at Merritt College in Oakland, California.

He went on to have great success in the music industry, making his debut in 1991 with the album “Get Away Clean” and following it the following year by working on “Mama’s Bad Boy.” In addition, he founded the No Limit Records record company. In 1994, he released the album “The Ghettos Tryin to Kill Me!” with 16 tracks, including the title song “The Ghetto’s Tryin’ to Kill Me!” and “Late Night Creepin,” which he co-wrote with Silkk the Shocker. The rapper then went on to release a number of albums in the late 1990s, including “Only God Can Judge Me,” “Ice Cream Man,” “MP da Last Don,” and “99 Ways to Die.”

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